What is Commonfare and which are the main objectives for this project?

Commonfare organized the National Conference on Precarious Work in Slovenia, November 28th 2018

Commonfare was proud to present the 6th National Conference on Precarious Work in Slovenia, entitled "Modern slavery: precariousness on the labour market" held on Wednesday, November 28th from 16:00 to 19:30h at Mestnega Hall, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and attended by...

Commonfare at the Web Summit 2018 in Lisbon

Commonfare joined the Web Summit 2018, held in Lisbon from from November 5th to November 8th, as part of the Social Innovation Village. The Web Summit is a technology conference held annually since 2009. The topic of the conference is centered on internet technology...

Commonfare Book Series nr.2: “#CommonFareTrentino: l’inizio del dibattito. Atti della Tavola Rotonda del 21 aprile 2017”

We announce the publication of the second number of the “Commonfare Book Series“, titled “#CommonFareTrentino: l'inizio del dibattito. Atti della Tavola Rotonda del 21 aprile 2017”, authored by Chiara Bassetti, Francesco Botto, Andrea Fumagalli, Cristina Morini, Marco...

Commonfare at Connect Athens

Wednesday, September 12, 2018, Commonfare pilot partner BIN Italia presented the Commonfare project in Athens (Greece), at the Connect Athens youth center. CONNECT ATHENS is a center born at the beginning of 2014 thanks to a group of volunteers with the aim of...

Commonfare at Euronomade 2018



Thursday 5 July in Milan, at Piano Terra, a social center managed by different Milanese collectives operating on the territory and on the subject of precariousness, a dissemination events took place with the presentation of the Commonfare.net platform. The meeting was...

Commonfare.net: online the new platform release 3

We announce that the new release (R3) of the commonfare.net platform is online since the 30th of April 2018. The new release is actually only in English, multilanguage will be available during the next days, briefly what is new: A revised graphic interface and many...

Our goals

What is Commonfare?

Our goal is to foster commonfare. Commonfare, or “welfare of the common” is a participatory form of welfare provision based on collaboration among people living in Europe that want to develop new ways of collectively responding to the everyday problems they face, improving their own lives.

People Centrality

Commonfare.net can only be successful with the direct involvement of the people who are the real owners of the platform. Therefore, the project is rooted on the joint activities of us, as project partners, and people in Croatia, the Netherlands, and Italy. From day 1, people have had a direct impact on the design of the platform and, together, we are shaping the future of Commonfare.net.

Working in three countries (for now)

The project is developed in collaboration between local people and us: Dyne.org is working in the Netherlands; Basic Income Network Italy is working in Italy; and the Centre for Peace Studies is working in Croatia.

Commonfare.net platform

The digital platform Commonfare.net provides people with digital tools that will allow everybody to:
INFORM and be INFORMED about welfare state provisions and relevant data,
SHARE good practices through digital storytelling,
SUPPORT initiatives based on resource-sharing and bottom-up experimentations.





D4.1 Interface Mmockups (I, II, III, IV)

The report summarises the design research methodology and how it has been implemented throughout the development of the commonfare.net platform. In particular, it elaborates on the public design process during current (1-3) and future (4) releases of commonfare.net....

D5.2 Mid-term Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication Report

This document reports on the mid-term dissemination, exploitation and communication activities carried out in the PIE News project. The report accounts for the major changes that the communication identity of the project has undergone in order to respond to the...

D4.2 Reputation, Digital Currency and Network Dynamics Components

This document outlines a technical delivery for the Commonfare project consisting in the design and ongoing implementation of an API that facilitates both database driven and blockchain driven value transactions. The vision behind this work is that of providing a...

D3.1 User Research Report and Scenarios

This document reports on research into possible aspects of social engagement and dynamics systems on commonfare.net as the platform evolves to include the story-telling and support hubs and beyond. The aim of this research was to furnish the WP3 team with information...

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Commonfare.net is developed thanks to the project PIE News, that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 687922