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As people, researchers, workers, and activists engaged in Commonfare, we are committed to building a narrative that represents our goals as well as our ethical and political aspirations. In the spirit of a participatory design project, as Commonfare is, we are drawing...
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Commonfare is co-organizing the C&T 2017 workshop “Participatory Design, beyond the local”

Four EU Horizon2020 CAPS projects, commonfare, empatia, MAZI, and netCommons, collaborate in the organization of a workshop titled "Participatory Design, beyond the local", hosted at the 8th conference on Community & Technologies, June 26-30, Troyes, France. The...
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We are happy to announce that the first release of is now online. This digital space is the outcome of our desk research and the work we started with people in Croatia, Italy, and The Netherlands thanks to the collaboration with local partners Center...
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Commonfare and PIE News: two names for one research and co-design story

In mid January we, the Commonfare consortium, met in Zagreb to discuss what we did so far and to organize the next phases of participatory design activities. There, we worked with Croatian participants on the design of the platform and we engaged in collective...
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PIE NEWS PROJECT AIMS TO IMPROVE LIVING CONDITIONS AND PROSPECTS OF PEOPLE IN EUROPE In the European Union, more than 122 million people (about 24% of the population) are at risk of poverty or social exclusion. Even after social transfers, 17% of the population...
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PIE News project partners are planning the next Design Workshop in Croatia

Between the 16th and the 20th of January 2017 the PIE News project partners will meet in Tuheljske Toplice, close to Zagreb - Croatia, for a General Assembly and a project workshop also involving future platform users....
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Our goals

What is Commonfare?

Our goal is to foster commonfare. Commonfare, or “welfare of the common” is a participatory form of welfare provision based on collaboration among people living in Europe that want to develop new ways of collectively responding to the everyday problems they face, improving their own lives.

People Centrality can only be successful with the direct involvement of the people who are the real owners of the platform. Therefore, the project is rooted on the joint activities of us, as project partners, and people in Croatia, the Netherlands, and Italy. From day 1, people have had a direct impact on the design of the platform and, together, we are shaping the future of

Working in three countries (for now)

The project is developed in collaboration between local people and us: Museu da Crise is working in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, in the Netherlands; Basic Income Network Italy is working in Milan and Rome; and the Centre for Peace Studies is working in Zagreb, Croatia. platform

The digital platform provides people with digital tools that will allow everybody to:
INFORM and be INFORMED about welfare state provisions and relevant data,
SHARE good practices through digital storytelling,
SUPPORT initiatives based on resource-sharing and bottom-up experimentations.




D3.1 User Research Report and Scenarios

This document reports on research into possible aspects of social engagement and dynamics systems on as the platform evolves to include the story-telling and support hubs and beyond. The aim of this research was to furnish the WP3 team with information...

D2.1 Research Report

The deliverable 2.1 collects the first results of the socio economic analysis and inquiries about the emerging needs of the social targets characterized by PIE condition (young Neets and precarious workers, working poor, migrants, and people under the poverty...

D1.2 Data Management Plan

The Deliverable 1.2 is the Data Management Plan of the PIE News project. It aims at clarifying the procedures team members follow to collect, manage, and make publicly available the various types of data collected and generated through the project activities. It...

D5.1 Evaluation Plan

The PIE News project involves pilot users and stakeholders in the design and use of a Community Awareness Platform for the needs of new poor and of people in precarious working conditions. Design and implementation practices have been structured in close relation with...

D1.1 Project Handbook

The overall ambition of the PIE News project is to foster the emergence of commonfare as an alternative economic model to fight poverty, a condition affecting some 25% of the European population. In order to reach this goal, a structured project management is needed....

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Partners is developed thanks to the project PIE News, that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 687922