We are happy to announce that the first release of commonfare.net is now online.

This digital space is the outcome of our desk research and the work we started with people in Croatia, Italy, and The Netherlands thanks to the collaboration with local partners Center for Peace Studies, BIN Italia and Museu da Crise.  Commonfare.net features information about existing public policies related to work, social services, housing, mobility, education and training, and cultural events in these three countries. Contents are available in English, Croatian, Italian, and Dutch.

This first release allows people to be informed about welfare state provisions in these three countries. It is our first step towards the construction of a collective space where we all have access to real wealth, in the common ground of our stories, knowledge, time and skills.

Also, with dyne.org, we are working to build a social wallet to help communities to organize themselves thanks to new decentralized and bottom-up practices of socio-economic exchange. To follow the activity and stay up to date with the development visit our Git repository at: https://github.com/pienews

If you want to shape Commonfare.net, let us know at info@commonfare.net
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