Looking at the number of European research projects that are developing in its territory, Milan is by all means a European city. In this spirit, the city of Milan is glad to host the official presentation of the European research project Commonfare/PIE News, which will be introduced to Milan citizens together with other four European research projects: OpenCareEMPATIAOpenAgri, and Sharing Cities.

The meeting, titled “From European Programs to Metropolitan Interventions: Reflections, Practices and Policies Social Innovation”, will be held Wednesday, October 4, 2017, in the “Winter Garden” hall of  Milano’s Civic Aquarium, starting at 9:30am.

Cristina Tajani (City Councillor for Employment Policies) will open and conclude the meeting, while Pierfrancesco Majorino (City Councillor for Social Policies) and Loretta Anania will also join the meeting.

The morning session will be chaired by Rachele Serino del Bin Italia and will see the presentation of the Horizon2020 research project Commonfare/PIE News, with talks by Chiara Bassetti (University of Trento, project leader), Maurizio Teli (MI-TI, Madeira, Portugal), Sandro Gobetti and Cristina Morini (Basic Income Network – Italia), Marco Sachy (dyne.org, The Netherlands); the second session will host the presentation and discussion of four other European projects focused on social innovation, with Zoe Romano (OpenCare), Rossana Torri (OpenAgri), Michelangelo Secchi (EMPATIA), Piero Pellizaro (Sharing Cities).

The afternoon session will be chaired by Andrea Fumagalli (Università of Pavia, Basic Income Network – Italia), with the participation of  Davide Agazzi (Associazione INnovare X INcludere), Sergio Bologna (Acta), Romano Guerinoni (Fondazione Welfare Ambrosiano), Enzo Mingione (University of Milan, “Bicocca”), Melissa Oliviero (Italian General Confederation of Labour, Milan), Ivana Pais (Catholic University, Milano), Roberto Randazzo (Politecnico di Milano).