The dissemination of Commonfare as a new approach to welfare provision from the bottom up has been presented on 11th September at the public conference  EmpoderaLive2017 (, organised by Fundación Cibervoluntarios in Malaga, Spain. Representing the PIE News​/Commonfare​ project was currency designer Marco Sachy, from Foundation, the technical delivery partner of the digital currency module of the Commonfare​.net​ platform. The event was held in Malaga historical city centre at the Echegaray Theatre.

Commonfare had been introduced in a panel with other European Union funded CAPSSI projects. The context was very informal, whereby panel participants had been invited on stage to share a sofa while presenting their projects to the audience, after the projection of a video by​ the European Union Project Officer Fabrizio Sestini. Commonfare was introduced in its general features by a video prepared by Cybervoluntarios and Marco Sachy gave a 10 minute introductory speech on the importance for the general public to be informed on the nature of money and the complementary and alternative options to build welfare provisions through digital social innovation in the monetary domain.

The emphasis of the speech was on digital currencies, especially cryptocurrencies and distributed ledgers designed and implemented for the social good. Indeed, ​Commonfare addresses the necessity to inform platform participants on public welfare provisions available in each pilot site in Italy, Croatia and ​The Netherlands​, ​and the possibility to narrate one’s story on how it is possible to solve socio-economic issues at the personal level. Alongside information and storytelling, Commonfare is being co-designed with pilot participants to offer them innovative ways to support each other by virtue of the adoption of a complementary ​digital currency.

The audience was very interested in hearing how such an innovative approach to welfare provision could be game changing in the landscape of welfare provision potentially affecting 120 million EU citizens. A more detailed description on the digital currency options for the Commonfare platform can be accessed in the last research deliverable submitted to the European Commission just a couple weeks after the event held in Malaga – D3.2 Reputation Mechanics, Digital Currency Models and Network Dynamics and Algorithms.

Download the PDF here: PIE_D3.2_FIN