On the 9th of November, a meeting entitled “Precarity, Emerging Needs, Innovation and social co-operation” will be held in Rome at the Co-Work space in Via. N. Odero n. 13 (Metro Garbatella).

The meeting is promoted and organised by BIN Italia and it will begin at 6pm with the following agenda:

  • Introduction of Giuseppe Allegri (BIN Italia).
  • Rachele Serino (BIN Italia) will introduce the European Pie News Commonfare project.
  • Sandro Gobetti (BIN Italia) will deepen the topic of Precarious Generations reporting some results from the Italian investigation on precariousness, emerging needs and bottom up good practices.
  • Amedeo Ciaccheri (La Strada) will bring his experience on Precarious generations in the transforming cities.
  • Chiara Faini (SMartIT) will present the New mutualism of freelance and intermittent workers.
  • Enrico Parisio (Millepiani coworking) will bring his contribution to the debate by talking about Works and business between sharing and social innovation.
  • Francesca Pesce (Acta) will give her point of view on the Forms of association of freelancers, self-employed and independent workers.