This document outlines a technical delivery for the Commonfare project consisting in the design and ongoing implementation of an API that facilitates both database driven and blockchain driven value transactions. The vision behind this work is that of providing a flexible software framework for the lean development of digital currency and network dynamics, allowing their administration and self-monitoring by the community operating them.

This software project has taken the name of “Social Wallet API” (SWA) and constitues the building block for integration of external systems, as for instance the “Commonfare” CMS developed by our delivery partner Foundation Bruno Kessler, and the development of standalone systems, as for instance the “Freecoin” wallet adopted in the MACAO Italian pilot.

The scope of this development is that of providing a well proven, test covered software component taking care of the most complex tasks related to the interaction with a blockchain and an additional layer of private metadata that is stored on a database. The SWA does that by interfacing itself with the low level remote process communication layer (RPC) of the Faircoin2 blockchain, while potentially supporting multiple blockchain backends and immediately all those derivated from Bitcoin core. Being an API, the SWA provides a self-documenting graphical interface meant for developers; but doesn’t provides an end-user graphical interface, since the layer of human-machine interaction is out of the scope of this development. This is because the SWA aims to facilitate the rapid prototyping of any interactive pattern using high-level languages that facilitate the agency of interaction designers.

Download the PDF here: PIE_D4.2_FIN