This document reports on the mid-term dissemination, exploitation and communication activities carried out in the PIE News project. The report accounts for the major changes that the communication identity of the project has undergone in order to respond to the multiple feedback provided through the participatory research activities conducted in the three pilot countries.
Research findings have brought an understanding of the communication activities as aiming at informing people, promoting collective meaning-making, and building relations so as to build an inclusive and empathic online and offline environment for people who cope with conditions of precariousness and risks of social exclusion and material deprivation. Research results have also emphasised the importance of building and leveraging the power of offline relations in order to foster engagement and the formation of a recursive public around the digital platform
The document also provides a detailed account of the results of communication and dissemination work performed so far. Data and analytics are provided with regards to the project’s institutional website, Facebook page, newsletter, factsheet, press releases, flyers, posters and stickers. An account of external events is also provided along with a plan of future networking events.
The conclusions highlight the organization of networking events and communication of bottom-up welfare good practices as the two main pillars on which to focus future public engagement activities.

Download the PDF here: PIE_D5.2_FIN