We announce the Commonfare Book Series launch!

The  Commonfare Book Series (CBS) was launched in January 2018 to provide a forum for discussion on alternative and more equitable forms of welfare provision in contemporary Europe. This discussion is timely and necessary due to the convergence of a number of political, economic and social factors which, in the last couple of decades, have affected Europe. In particular, the prolonged neoliberal retrenchment of welfare states and the global financial crisis have triggered precarious conditions of life for an increasing number of citizens. Current Eurostat statistics indicate that almost 24% of the European population is at risk of poverty or social exclusion, and 8% is experiencing severe material deprivation. In this contest, there is a need of invigorated collective actions to empower citizens, groups and institutions to safeguard and strengthen the European culture of social solidarity and equality.  

Commonfare literally means “welfare of the common”. It advocates a participated form of democratic welfare based on social collaboration and focused on the satisfaction of basic needs, the promotion of self-determination, and the strengthening of collective action and collaborative practices. In the Commonfare agenda, social collaboration is considered as the primary source of wealth for society and the main resource for facing difficult times. In this scenario, the commons are the democratic institutional arrangements allowing social collaboration grow, outside the dichotomy between private and state property. Following on these premises, the Book Series will collect manuscripts elaborating on different facets of collaboration from an interdisciplinary perspective. Topics of particular interest are the support of collective action and the production of collective knowledge, which takes place in face-to-face encounters, digital media, and other forms of interaction.

The Book Series acknowledges the relevance of digital platforms as primary venues of contemporary policy. It will publish critical analysis on how these platforms are shaped and operated as well as on the types of interactions occurring on them and the data they generate. These reflections on the “platform society” or “platform capitalism” will supplement ethnographically informed studies of everyday life settings and experiences, and more technical manuscripts looking at engineering solutions. The books will be published in different languages (English or Croatian or Dutch or Italian) with the aim to reach specific interested targets within the four Commonfare piloting countries and the larger audience alike. The overarching objective is to give voice to a variety of authors, opening a dialogue between different perspectives which together can drive and support the Commonfare agenda.

Chiara Bassetti (University of Trento),

Antonella De Angeli (University of Trento),

Maurizio Teli (Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute)


The Commonfare Book Series numbers:

  1. BIN Italia (2018) “Generazioni Precarie. Una conricerca tra percezione del rischio, bisogni emergenti, welfare dal basso” (read/download)
  2. Chiara Bassetti, Francesco Botto, Andrea Fumagalli, Cristina Morini, Marco Sachy, Loris Vergolini and Flaviano Zandonai; curated by Francesco Botto and Federico Zappini (2018) “#CommonFareTrentino: l’inizio del dibattito. Atti della Tavola Rotonda del 21 aprile 2017” (read/download)
  3. Marco Sachy (2019) “Commoncoin. The digital complementary currency open source toolkit for the commonfare platform” (read/dowload)
  4. Maurizio Teli, Linda Tonolli, Angela Di Fiore and Vincenzo D’Andrea (2019) “Computing and the common. Learning from Participatory Design in the age of platform capitalism” (read/dowload)