On March 17th 2018, Commonfare and Commonfare.net have been presented at the Manifattura Milano Camp within the Milano Digital Week. The event, which took place in the Milano LUISS Hub for Makers and Students, has been organized by the Municipality of Milan and the Department of Labor and Economic Activities with the aim to facilitate the connections among the new “urban manufacture”, institutions, trade associations and universities.

Looking at the potentialities of the new technologies for the development of a “collective well-being”, the camp involved about 200 participants between digital artisans, makers, FabLabs, start-ups, researchers and small enterprises. Cristina Tajani (Councilor of Labor and Economic Activities) and Stefano Miceli (Head of the advisory board of Manifattura 4.0) introduced almost 80 projects and roundtables which unfolded in five parallel sessions
Commonfare Italian pilot partner BIN-Italia has been invited to present Commonfare.net, which is approaching its third release, as well as all Commonfare-related activities.

The audience appreciated the current functionalities of the platform such as the possibility to get info on welfare provisions in the three pilot sites (Croatia, Italy, Netherlands) as well as to share stories on good practices and bottom-up welfare initiatives. The role of technology, in this respect, has been intended as a tool able to stimulate processes of knowledge sharing and democratization, which encourage the construction of collective emerging narratives on virtuous examples of social transformation.