We announce that the new release (R3) of the commonfare.net platform is online since the 30th of April 2018. The new release is actually only in English, multilanguage will be available during the next days, briefly what is new:

A revised graphic interface and many small improvements:

  • simplified graphic for better handling complex infos;
  • new menu categories:
    • COMMONERS VOICES, the old “stories” or where to foster solidarity by sharing stories of your experience, ideas and collective projects;
    • GOOD PRACTICES, where to read and share examples of grassroots initiatives that are spreading solidarity, contributing to sustainable local development and increasing quality of life;
    • PUBLIC BENEFITS, the old “Welfare Provisions” or where to be informed and inform others about welfare state provisions at the local, national and European level;
    • COMMONPLACE, it is a brand new (see below) digital place that can help build and sustain actions and interactions in the physical world.

Advanced functionalities:

  • new PROFILE: including personal “stories”, “groups” for cooperation, pending “requests”, “activities” you are involved;
  • WALLET (currently disabled, will be operational in the next days): where to manage your Commoncoin (cc) and help build a complementary economy;
  • CONVERSATIONS: where to discuss with other commoners;
  • COMMONPLACE: where to build and sustain actions and interactions in the physical world, in your local neighbourhood and beyond;
  • COMMONSHARE (currently disabled, will be operational in the next days): a recognition of your stories, initiatives and other actions that build the wealth of common knowledge and contribute to Commonfare.net is represented in a simple metric, that can be shared with other commoners;
  • CONVERSATIONS: discussions are like group chats visible only to the group members

In this version the Commonfare.net platform is ready for sustaining a participatory form of social welfare based on grassroots collaboration. It will be subject to continuous improvements waiting for the next two releases in December 2018 and June 2019.

JOIN US and help shape this digital space and the ideas behind it!