Commonfare leveraged on the collaboration with the Families-share project to better attract and meet people during the Festival of Economics in Trento, 1-3 June. The two CAPS projects funded by the European Commission have been promoted by Fondazione Bruno Kessler, finding the best solution in approaching together the events’ participants in a specific site (Piazza Santa Maria) where the Fondazione Demarchi organized info-points for the social sector and examples of social innovation.

The ideas and tools for fostering participated and collaborative self-organized welfare solutions have been appreciated by the people, most of which expressed both the need for the service and the availability to volunteer for solving others’ issues. The infopoint offered also some families’ services: the possibility to breast-feed and diaper change on four colorful poufs and a relaxing place for kids where to draw and color following their fantasies. At the end of the event Commonfare distributed 500 flyers and we had the chance to discuss on with approximately 200 people.