We are thrilled to announce that the book “La rivolta della cooperazione. Sperimentazioni sociali e autonomia possibile” / “The riot of cooperation. Social experimentation and possible autonomy”(Mimesis Editions, Milan, 2018), edited by Cristina Morini, Ganni Giovannelli and Andrea Fumagalli, has been published in Italy. The book collects the contributions presented at the conference organized in Milan by the Effimera network in collaboration with Commonfare-PIE News, at the end of October 2017. The introduction to the book is published on the Effimera website (in Italian). The conference was held in Macao, one of the bottom-up welfare good practices, whose experience was collected by the Italian partner Bin Italia in the scope of the research conducted in the Commonfare project.

The book presents, among others, the essays by Chiara Bassetti from the University of Trento (coordinator of the project), by Andrea Fumagalli and Cristina Morini from the Basic Income Network Italia (Italian partner of the project), and by Marco Sachy from Dyne.org (Dutch partner of the project). These contributions illustrate the aims of the Commonfare project as far as the theoretical inspirations and the empirical co-research are concerned. The speakers invited to the conference held in Milan, who have authored the other chapters of the book, have analyzed autonomous forms of welfare from below, which operate in order to cope with immediate needs and to promote practices of solidarity and mutualism. These collective experiences – which pursue the management of “common goods” including sociality, conviviality, culture, and self-training – seem to suggest possible alternative forms of community based on the social, economic and cultural development rather than only on the profit and hypertrophy of the market.
The book also includes the Italian version of the “Manifesto for the Commonfare”, whose key points were launched during a public presentation organized by dyne.org and held in Amsterdam at the Waag Society in June 2017.

Other contributions to the book, in addition to those already mentioned: Emanuele Braga, Paolo Cacciari, Nicola Capone, Chiara Colasurdo, Marco Fama, Andrea Ghelfi, Gianni Giovannelli, Leon del Cantiere di Milano, Stefano Lucarelli, Susana Martin Belmonte, Elena Musolino, Riccardo Sacco.

The presentation of the book, as a dissemination of the Commonfare project, will take place in Milan, on July 5th, at Piano Terra, Via Confalonieri 3, starting from 19.00.