Thursday 5 July in Milan, at Piano Terra, a social center managed by different Milanese collectives operating on the territory and on the subject of precariousness, a dissemination events took place with the presentation of the platform.
The meeting was organized by the Effimera network for the first presentation of the collective book “La Rivolta della Cooperazione” (“The Riot of the Cooperation”, edited by Cristina Morini, Gianni Giovannelli, Andrea Fumagalli, Mimesis Editions). The book reports the proceedings of a conference organized in Macao (one of the Best Practices investigated in the Commonfare project) at the end of October 2017, where the different forms of bottom-up welfare and the experience of mutual self-management were discussed together with the presentation of  the Commonfre project to the social realities of Milan. At the beginning of October the Commonfare project had been presented to institutional stakeholders, represented by the Councilor for productive activities and work, Cristina Tajani and the Councilor of Social Policies, Pierfrancesco Majorino.
In a convivial environment, enlivened by the excellent ethnic food prepared by Yuri Crea, we discussed the practices of mutualism from below, its potential but also the difficulty of setting in motion synergistic and cumulative processes. In this context, the platform can be a useful tool for connection and empowerment.
We (BIN Italia) also talked about the alternative currency experiment that began these days during the theater festival in Santarcangelo di Romagna Festival, where 330,000 SantaCoin were coined, for a similar amount of euro (1€ = 1SC), to be placed in the local exchange circuit. It was also an occasion to discuss on how it is necessary to develop processes of sustainability of the Commonfare project, at the end of the European funded project.

The interest of the people has been high, even in the face of the concrete presentation of an instrument able to support the information and communication among the different social realities attending at the meeting, and others we are going to get in touch in the following months.