The #commonfare presentation tour continues. This time we did a stop in Milan at the ANPI section of the Town Hall 1. The appointment was for Wednesday, October 10th, from 21:00 to 23:00, at the Association of the Municipal House of Volunteers, Via Marsala 8, Milan.

The ANPI (Italian Partisan National Association) section “Giovanni Pesce e Nori Brambilla”of #Milano organized the presentation of, the new platform and European project that combines the practices of bottom-up welfare in three pilot countries (Croatia, Italy, Nederlands), in various sectors (work, living, health, education, free time). Bin-Italia discussed ad illustrated the open source technical tool, divided on three levels, to inform, promote and share experiments and practices of social solidarity and mutualism, which develop in a completely autonomous way on the territories.

Faced with an attentive audience not too numerous but qualified, the debate then focused on how the different associations present, (with particular reference to those that deal with the reception of migrants) can gt advantages from the logging to the platform. In the meantime, a group Associations of Marsala’s street was created on

The utility of this meeting was found even by numerous proposals and suggestions to make the platform more usable.