How to co-operate, make some money, bake a pancake and listen to some music?

Together with the keyholders of Egberts Lent, artist Henry Alles has recently organized a flea market that wanted to be just a bit more than just a way to make some money.

Commonfare partner in The Netherlands,, has been invited to the event to talk about how to make your own money. The gathering has been an opportunity to learn about the values of what we share, and to discuss the role of the money, environment, means of production, and sustainability.

The conversation engaged several people, among which young emerging artists that came out of their own curiosity.

“I see it as the opportunity to share, talk about what we hold in common and listen to some music and therefore we have invited special guests that will make the flea market at the former transshipment place Egberts Lent just a little bit more a place of co-operation”, said Alles.