In the article “No land for youth”, popular news portal reviews the research on the situation of young people on the labour market in Croatia, noting the feelings of hopelessness and apathy towards improvements in their situation, and calling on young peop.

The research findings from PIE News project are summarized, with the columnist noting that while “research shows that youth are well informed about the existing problems on the labour market and in the economy, instead of fighting for a better system, the young see as the only solution to leave Croatia.”

Citing the PIE News Research Report , the author notes that “The research carried out by the Poverty, Income, and Employment News project on the commonfare platform in Italy, the Netherlands and Croatia has shown similarities in working conditions and living conditions in Croatia and in the European Union countries, as well as differences in the perception of how they can be affected.

As in Croatia and other EU countries, economic liberalization produced a generation of young people in a completely different socio-economic position than were their parents. Greater insecurity and the weakening of public goods and services are shared by young people from all the mentioned countries, although there are certain differences in the perception of opportunities and needs.” The author then notes that last year, over 90% of new employment contracts in Croatia were contracts of a temporary nature, showing that the feelings of insecurity experienced by Croatian youth are mirrored in the statistics about the rise if insecure work.