On March 28th in Barcelona the Italian partner BIN Italia will held a public presentation of the Commonfare project. The meeting is organized in collaboration with the Novact Association and the Universitat Oberta de Catalunia, and under the patronage of the Municipality of Barcelona. It will be an opportunity to discuss new welfare systems, the basic income instrument and complementary currencies, starting with the example of Rec (Real Economy Currency), the social currency that is being tested in the Catalan city. The Rec is a system of exchange of citizens complementary to the euro, which allows transactions in a community between individuals, institutions and firms that accept it. The meeting will also be attended by the commoner (= who participated to the commonfare platform) whose story was the most adherent to the call that we launched on commonfare.net a few weeks ago.

The workshop, entitled “New Monetary and Financial Models for New Economies“, is divided into two parts. In the morning, Andrea Fumagalli will present Commonfare and the experimentation of a common currency as a means of exchange between the participants in the platform (commoners). This will be followed by the presentation of the B-Mincome project (experimentation of a minimum municipal income), by Luis Torrens and Pep Villareal. Finally, Alvaro Porro, Ester Vidal, Marti Olivella and Susana Martin Belmonte will present the first results of the introduction of REC (Barcelona’s Citizen Currency).

In the afternoon there will be a round table entitled “Progressing towards a Sustainable Prosperity Model: Local Politics, Citizen Currencies, Collaborative Commons, Digitalization oriented to Citizens” with the participation of exponents of civil society, representing municipal institutions, the world of university research and experimentation from below.
The day will end with the speech by Diego Isabel La Moneda (“Change Finance: Consolidating Transformative Economes and Social Innovations”) and with the Technical presentation of REC’s API.