At the conclusion of the PIE News project, the main results and interesting issues of the Commonfare project will be presented and discussed during the Commonfare Final Conference that will be held in Trento (Italy) between the 29th May and the 2nd June 2019 at the Santa Chiara park, in partnership with the OltrEconomia Festival 2019.

The partnership between Commonfare and the OltrEconomia Festival 2019 (OEF) of Trento will both include the final conference inside the festival agenda, and it will endow the festival with its own digital currency: the Oltrino. The use of the Oltrino will work in a way similar to the experience of SantaCoin, developed and managed in collaboration with the Santarcangelo Festival 2018: the digital currency will allow to pay for food, drinks and merchandising (and probably some products crafted by artisans that will join festival) by showing a “talisman”. This is a wearable item that will be given to participants, and that will be the key to get access the virtual wallet available on The wallet can be refilled at the infopoint of the festival with the change 1 Euro = 1 Oltrino.

The Commonfare Final Conference agenda.

The larger OltrEconomia Festival 2019 agenda (in Italian).