From Friday 31st May to Sunday 2nd June, the 2nd edition of the CLAP and GO Festival will take place at the Casale Garibaldi in Rome. It will be three days of debates, cinema, theater, music, laboratories, visions, stories to support the CLAP – Autonomous and Precarious Chambers of Labor -, which is since the 2013 a trade union that organizes and defends precarious workers and in general workers without protection fighting for the introduction of an unconditional basic income. The CLAPs collect different instances: from healthcare to the third sector workers, from precarious in the catering sector to reaching highly qualified, precarious and impoverished public employment. There are new challenges for the CLAPs such as representation in companies.

Commonfare will participate in particular the 2nd of June, from 5 pm with the presentation of the research carried out within the Commonfare project “Precarious Generations. A research on risk perception, emerging needs, bottom-up welfare “(CBS nr.1, the research can be downloaded for free here), by BIN Italia. The presentation will be introduced and moderated by Roberto Ciccarelli, speakers will be Sandro Gobetti and Rachele Serino. During the meeting the platform will also be presented to the many social and trade union that will participate.

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